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Gifts for anyone who misses Seattle (or just loves the Emerald City)

Make them rue the day they bailed on our fair city.

Whether you grew up in the Emerald City or just spent foundational years committing misdemeanors in Gasworks Park, Seattle is one of those places that sticks with you. For example, look no further than the person writing this paragraph: I haven’t lived in the Pacific Northwest since I broke my lease on a Queen Anne studio in 2014, and I’ve had this poster in every 币圈app都有哪些home I’ve lived in since. I don’t care that it’s cheesy in the slightest; it reminds me of 币圈app都有哪些home.

If you're looking for gifts that will remind someone of Seattle, or if you're just missing the Emerald City yourself, any of these items should do the trick. They might not cure 币圈app都有哪些homesickness, but they'll definitely resonate with someone who loves the city.

Seattle wall art

Seattle Washington Stainless Steel

Seattle Washington Stainless Steel Laser Cut Map - etsy.com

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Minimalist and stark, this intricately designed map of Seattle has scored tons of great user reviews and ships free in the U.S.

Seattle Poster

Seattle Poster | Travel Poster - etsy.com

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There are only a couple places in Seattle where you can get the proper angle to make it look like the Space Needle is that tall, but it’s a striking image nonetheless, and nobody’s going to ask what it’s a picture of because the name is right there.

Seattle Skyline Retro

Seattle, Washington - Retro Skyline - etsy.com

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“Retro” in this situation clearly refers to the Art Deco style that helps Seattle stand out.

Seattle Map Print Poster

Seattle map print poster canvas - etsy.com

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A black-and-white, finely detailed design that can be intimately inspected or just appreciated from afar.

Seattle Neighborhood Typography Map

Seattle Typography Neighborhood Map Art City Print - etsy.com

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An important part of “knowing” most cities is identifying each neighborhood, and Seattle is no different.

Seattle Neighborhood Map Print

Seattle Neighborhood Map Print, signed print of my original hand drawn Seattle map art - etsy.com

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I’d have made Capitol Hill purple, but what do I know.

Clothes that scream "Seattleite"

Seattle Mountain Vintage Retro T-Shirt

Seattle Mountain Vintage Retro T-Shirt Gift - etsy.com

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For all those memories of lazy Sundays spent climbing Little Si.

Seattle Seahawks Woolen Sweaters

Seattle Seahawks wool sweater - etsy.com

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A stylish, asymmetrical spin on a classic football sweater is a great way to show your support—especially if you remember that time in 2014 when, suddenly, the entire city pretended it had always cared about football.

Broken Bridge West Seattle

Broken Bridge 2020 West Seattle Tee - etsy.com

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“Breaking Bad” was set in New Mexico, which is about as far from Seattle as you can get when it comes to the weather, but this is still pretty funny.

Women’s V-Neck long sleeve T

Women's v-neck long sleeve Seattle Seahawks fan 12th man Rhinestones - etsy.com

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Sparkly rhinestones look just as good at CenturyLink Field as they do in dimly lit bars while the game plays in the background.

Live like the mountain is out

Live Like The Mountain Is Out Shirt - etsy.com

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It may not mention Seattle by name, but anyone who’s lived through a winter there will know what it means.

Seattle, Anarchist Jurisdiction

Seattle Anarchist Jurisdiction T-Shirt - etsy.com

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What, you want a blurb? More than anything else on this list, this shirt speaks for itself.

The Fremont Troll

The Troll has long guarded Fremont from drunkards, posers, rapscallions, and Belltown tea-drinkers–now it can do the same in your 币圈app都有哪些home. Just keep an eye on any Volkswagens.

Fremont Street Troll of Seattle

Fremont Street Troll of Seattle - Kiss-Cut Stickers - etsy.com

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Fremont Troll Pin

Fremont Troll Seattle Washington 1 inch Button Pin Souvenir - etsy.com

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Dick’s Burgers

All my favorite jokes about Dick’s Burgers aren’t appropriate to add to a holiday gift guide (I’m a child) so I’ll just have to let you come up with your own while you peruse this nostalgic collection of photos from the iconic burger chain, from 1954 to today. Other Burger Chains can eat their hearts (in &) out.

Dick’s Burgers 50 Years Retro Book

Dick’s Burgers 50 Year Anniversary Book - etsy.com

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Dick’s Drive In Photos

Dick's Drive-in - Photo - Travel Photography - Architecture Photography - etsy.com

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Rainier beer

Since this beer inspired the construction of an entire mountain (the tallest in the state, no less), it’s no surprise it inspired all the sweet swag below. Keep in mind that if this is the gift you end up picking, it might be considered rude to send it without including a six pack of Vitamin R.

Rainier Beer Lucite Tap Handle

Rainier Beer Lucite Tap Handle - etsy.com

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Rainier Beer Patch

Rainier Beer Patch - etsy.com

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Rainier Beer Hepcat Slouch Hat

Rainier Beer Hepcat Slouch Cap by American Needle - etsy.com

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Rainier Beer Trucker  Hat

Rainier Beer hat Trucker Hat Mesh Hat Snap Back Hat red new adjustable - etsy.com

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Upcycled Rainier Beer Can Christmas Decoration

Upcycled Rainier Beer Can - Star Ornament - etsy.com

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Rainier Beer Sweatshirt

Rainier Beer Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt - etsy.com

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Burned Wooden Cooking Spoons

Burned Wooden Cooking Spoons: Rainier Beer, PNW, Sasquatch, Camping, Family Names, Mustaches, Last Name, States, and more! - etsy.com

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Seattle Sports face masks

Individually Wrapped Reusable Seahawks Mask

Individually Wrapped Reusable Tri-Layer Cloth Seahawks Masks - etsy.com

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Since reusable masks are more than a temporary thing, you may as well embrace the opportunity to show your fandom with more than just hats and shirts.

Read up on the importance of wearing masks in the future here, and check out similar face masks below.

Seahawks Face Mask

Seattle Seahawks Face Mask - etsy.com

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Supersonics Face Mask

Seattle SuperSonics Face Mask, Double Layer, 100% Cotton with Adjustable Elastic Ear Straps - etsy.com

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Hawks Eyes Face Mask

Hawks Eyes Face Mask - w/Free Gray Adult Mask - etsy.com

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Seattle Kraken Gaiter

Face Covering / Gaiter Mask: Seattle Kraken - NHL - etsy.com

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