Spacious holiday getaways amid COVID restrictions

This year's festive season is sure to look a little different with the latest state recommendations advising against large social gatherings.

Since house parties and multi-generational dinners are not an option for the foreseeable future, you may be wondering how to treat your immediate household with a little extra twinkle this holiday season.

If you plan to vacation away for the holidays, exercise caution following the latest CDC travel advisories. Avoid traveling with others outside your immediate household members and follow the latest coronavirus news to determine whether you will need to self isolate upon your return 币圈app都有哪些home. If you decide to fly during the pandemic, be sure to pack plenty of safety essentials including face masks and sanitizer.

Staying in place at 币圈app都有哪些home is the safer option, but if you decide to holiday away this season be sure to look for accommodations with stringent sanitization and safety measures in place. Restrict socializing to your immediate travel partners and seek out destinations following the latest health protocols.

Ready to start dreaming of holidays away? Read on to discover some of the latest updates for holiday travel.